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Maintenance and repairs are items that cost money.  We want you, the customer, to be in control of your money and will advise you on maintenance to help prevent major unexpected repairs.  Our facility offers the latest in computerized technology and testing procedures.  Our goal is to maintain your vehicle and complete all repairs with quality parts & service. 



At Smith's AutoTech we regularly attend training sessions and purchase diagnostic tools to provide the best possible equipment and information available to aid in the diagnosis of a system failure in your vehicle.  We want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.



Because we cannot see electricity in a vehicle it can make diagnosing electrical problems more of a challenge.  An actual wiring harness looks nothing like the lines drawn on a wiring diagram.  Our technicians rely on tools that show where electricity is, or where it isn’t, and then draw accurate conclusions from that knowledge, utilizing our database and other pertinent information as necessary to accurately repair the faulty electrical components.



Vital Fluids need to be changed in order to maintain the integrity of the components in your vehicle.  Changing fluids such as transmission, coolant, driveline, brake, power steering will save you money!  We use the latest in BG Vital Fluid equipment and high quality fluids and are able to offer our customers a Lifetime BG Protection Plan for vehicles that begin initial services before 120,000 km.  Ask us for details!



Regular maintenance is required to prevent costly repairs.  Regularly have your oil service done (every 5,000 km), along with other fluid changes based on kilometres/miles driven, rotate tires, recharge a/c every second year, filter changes (cabin air, air and fuel filters), spare tire service (and winch if applicable) are just some of the items that are recommended to keep your vehicle reliable and keep you and your family safe.



Improper tire inflation puts unnecessary stress on your tires and can result in excessive or uneven wear. When this happens, it compromises the ability of the tires to perform, and often results in premature tire wear-and the necessity to replace them sooner than expected. Tires with excessive or uneven tread wear can also lead to an accident.  It is recommended to replace your tires at 4/32 for summer driving and 6/32 if using them for winter driving to have the proper performance and handling required for the conditions.

Alignment Service is recommended once per year or at the time of installation of new tires or front end components.   Other indications that it may be time for an alignment are that the steering wheel may be off centre, the vehicle just doesn't steer properly or that there is uneven tire wear.  

Every model that rolls off the assembly line has unique alignment specifications. Alignment specs are determined by the vehicle manufacturer for each make and model. The size, length, weight and intended use of the vehicle all play a role in the determining the correct alignment angles.

Did you know? We use a special computerized alignment machine pre-loaded with every vehicle’s alignment specifications. Once the vehicle type is determined, the high tech and precise measuring begins. Upon completion, you’ll receive a print out displaying what your angles are before adjustments were made and where it stands after adjustments are made. 

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