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Helping your Technician when making a Diagnosis can Save you Time and Money.  You can help by providing information on your vehicle's symptoms:  when did problem first begin, what speed does it occur at, how often does condition occur, weather related (temperature/dry/damp etc.), sounds/noises/vibrations (be descriptive), indicator lights on, has any other facility performed diagnostics (provide details).

      Seasonal Services


Maintenance Oil Service 

Air Conditioning Recharge


Starting/Charging System

Brake Inspection

Rotate Tires

Alignment Service

Spare Tire Service

Balance Tires

Block Heater Inspection

Tuneup Service

Vehicle Comprehensive Inspection

PreTrip Inspection

PrePurchase Inspection


      BG Vital Fluid Services

Transmission Flush Service

Coolant Flush Service

Power Flush Service

Fuel Induction

Brake Fluid Flush Service

Engine Oil Flush Service

Driveline Fluid Exchange Service


BG Fluid Services Offers a Lifetime Protection Plan for your vehicle with unlimited mileage. Initial Services must begin before 60,000 km for 100% or before 120,000 km for 50% coverage - see us for details!

      Technical Information

Technical information, technical service bulletins and vehicle specific maintenance recommendations are used by our shop to provide our technicians with the best diagnostic information available.  Reference material is purchased through the following information networks:  Mitchell on Demand, IATN and Identifix.  Other sources may be used as required. 

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